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Kylie and the Machine

MON 2 SUN Labels

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A bright, happy and double sided homage to the saturated colors of our youth (can you tell we were kids in the 80's?!), this collection is equal parts fun and functional! 

Choose from playful icons or the 'day of the week' to sew into your me mades for a lil' spark of morning dressing joy!

Included in one pack (7 labels per pack):

1x Mon  Side 1: MON, Side 2: Alarm Clock Illustration

Col-ours:  Mid Green Background, Cream and Watermelon

1x Tues   Side 1: TUES, Side 2: Broccoli

Colors: Coral Background, Cream and Mid Green

1x Wed   Side 1: WED, Side 2: Happy Face

Colors: Mid Purple, Cream and Yellow

1x Thurs  Side 1: THURS, Side 2: Pencil

Colors: Light Blue, Cream and Orange

1x Fri  Side 1: FRI, Side 2: Origami Plane

Colors: Dark Blue, Cream and Grey

1x Sat  Side 1: SAT, Side 2: Ice Cream

Colors: Orange, Cream and Pinks

1x Sun  Side 1: SUN, Side 2: Watermelon

Colors: Turquoise, Cream and Watermelon

Dimensions: 21mm x 18mm (including seam allowance). 

Label Type: Side Seam

Material: Polyester

How to attach: This side seam label is ideally sewn into the garment (either inside or displayed visibly) by inserting into a seam allowance or facing.

Watch our How To: Add Labels video HERE.