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Non-bio detergent:

Many of the fabrics we supply recommend using a non-bio detergent for laundry care.  Bio detergents contain enzymes which break down the dirt, grease and grime on your clothes, this is found in most detergents.  A non-bio detergent does not use enzymes and instead relies on other cleaning agents, it is a good option for sensitive skin.  For more information read this article.

Try these non-bio detergents - all have been confirmed with the manufacturers to not contain enzymes:

Soak - This is a great and gentle detergent for your most precious clothes.  Use for hand washing and machine use.

Tide Simply Refreshing Breeze

Tide Simply Daybreak Fresh

Arm and Hammer Fragrance & Dye Free Dual HE / High efficiency

Arm and Hammer Clean Burst Dual HE / High efficiency

Arm and Hammer Sensitive Skin Plus Scent Dual HE / High efficiency