Image of a woman facing forward in the Carolyn Pajamas sewing pattern by Closet Core Patterns.  The fabric is a navy flannel.

Carolyn Pajamas

When I was a teenager I would buy men's flannel pajamas, the ones that came folded in cardboard in a plastic bag at the department store.  I loved them and continued to seek out these PJ's through college!  They met all my criteria, they were super warm, a coordinated set with a super relaxed fit!  

Over the years I've settled for jersey loungy bottoms and miss-matched tops, there was also about a decade where I only wore a super long Garfield night shirt which I still keep preserved in a drawer! 

So, long story short when I first saw the Carolyn Pajamas designed by Closet Core Patterns I was ecstatic!  Here was a bona-fide adult women version of my time tested perfect pajamas!

View o a woman standing from the back in Caroly Pajamas

The Pattern:

Now, there are many many reviews of this pattern out there so I will be brief and just say I really enjoyed making this project.  This is an intermediate pattern and there are many steps, however if you get stuck Closet Core Patterns provides lots of additional support for their patterns.  For the Carolyn they have provided 8 tutorials on their website!  I found the How to Sew Piping and How to Sew a Notched Collar the most helpful.

Detail view of pattern notched collar and upper pocket

I made view B because its winter and I need full coverage and of course I wanted the piping!  Based on my measurements I went with a 16 top (42" bust) and a size 14 bottom, the pattern instructions specify that the hip dimension is the most critical (I'm a 42" hip).  I did not make a muslin, its a loose fit so I wasn't concerned about adjustments, and they came out great!

The Fabric:

There was no question I was going to use flannel, I am recreating my dream PJ's after all.  I decided to go with the Porto-Flannel Twill in Navy

Detail view of Porto Flannel Twill in Navy

I've been obsessing about this fabric since it arrived.  Its soft and lightweight making it perfect for Pajamas, it has a tight twill weave so it will wear well and not pill.  And of course I love the color!  I think the end result speaks for itself, they turned out so beautifully and I love the contrasting champagne piping. 

I have worn these every night since finishing them, they are comfortable, warm and soft of course but they are also so chic!  I'm already planning my summer Pajamas, view C with this lovely cotton lawn!

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